Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nyan Cat Scarf by NiklSaurus

Nyan Cat (Poptart Cat) Scarf Pattern by NiklSaurus
Please use this pattern ONLY to make an adorable buddy for you or your close ones, thank you! 
-NiklSaurus <3

It may seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of the rainbow tail pattern, it becomes almost second nature. Chris Torres is the creator of the meme and all rights for such go to him for making, in my opinion, the cutest food-animal crossbreed on the internet today. This pattern is my take on the adorable mutant in scarf form.
[I apologize in advance for differences in lighting in the pictures, I promise they are all from the same respective yarns. I worked on this scarf over the course of a week and at different times of the day. I tried my best to fix it via editing, but some may still look different.]
In all of the parts, I use an H hook, but gauge is not necessarily important. Use a close size that is comfortable for you.
Rainbow Trail, make one.

I use a mix of Red Heart, Impeccable Loops and Threads, and Vanna’s Choice. Any worsted weight in these colors (or any colors of your choosing, really!) will work. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink

The trail is basically a version of the shell stitch. If you are not familiar with it, practicing a couple times on a smaller scale will help you understand the madness! Chain 419 (or any multiple of 11, add 1) of red. 419 gives about a 6 foot scarf. SC 5, SC 3 in 1 stitch, SC 5, skip two. Repeat until you get to the end of your chain.
The pattern might not look super clear now with only the first row, but after finishing the next, it starts to get more of that “zig-zag” look of the final product.
Chain 1 in orange and cut off a long enough tail of red to weave in ends. Continue the pattern with orange. At the end of the scarf, chain 1 with yellow and cut off tail of orange, enough to weave in ends later.

See? I told you! Now finish with yellow, chain 1 with green and continue pattern.

At the end of the scarf, chain 1 with green and cut of a tail of yellow, leaving enough for weaving in ends.

More than halfway there! Complete blue row with the pattern, chain 1 with purple and cut off blue tail.

Continue with purple using the pattern and at the end, chain 1 with pink, cutting off purple tail.

Final row! Again, continue with pattern, then pull about 8 inches through and cut yarn. Pull tail through final loop.

Now for the fun part! Weave in ends as you normally would. Be sure to weave them through the corresponding color row! Otherwise you might get a funky looking end.
Poptart Crust (make 2)

For this one, I use a soft red heart light gold yarn. Any of a similar color and worsted weight will do, though!
Chain 15. Chain 1, SC 15. Repeat for 20 rows total
. When breaking off, leave long tail for sewing later on one of the pieces. Leave other tails long enough to weave in ends.
Poptart Frosting (make 1)

Use the same pink yarn from the last row of the rainbow trail.
Chain 10. Chain 1, SC 12. Repeat so you have 13 rows total. Break off and leave a long tail for sewing.
Feet (make 4)

Use a light grey yarn. Here, I’m using Vanna’s Choice.
Chain 3. Chain 1, SC 3. Do 3 rows of this. Then on the fourth row, chain 1, 3 Half-double crochet in the middle stitch, slip in the last stitch and break off. Leave tails to weave in ends.
Tail (make 1)

Use the same light grey yarn.
This is pretty much the feet, just a bit longer. Chain 3. Chain 1. SC 3. Do this for 10 rows. On the eleventh row, 3 Half-double crochet in middle stitch. Slip in last stitch and break off. Leave enough length to weave in ends.

Head (make 1)

Use the same light grey yarn.
Chain 8. Chain 1 and SC 8.
Row 2: Chain 1. SC 2 in first stitch. SC 6. SC 2 in last stitch. You will have a total of 10 stitches.
Row 3-6: Chain 1. SC 10.
Row 7: Decrease 1 stitch in SC. SC 6. Decrease 1 stitch in SC. Now you have 8 stitches.
Row 8: 3 Half double crochet in first stitch. SC 6. 3 Half double crochet in last stitch. Break of, leaving enough length for sewing later.
For the face, I use small lengths of appropriately colored yarn to embroider it. You will want to do this before sewing the face onto the poptart.
Putting it all together
There’s many ways you can go about doing putting him together, but I’ve found that this one works the best for me.
Sew the pink frosting onto one of the poptart crust pieces. Sew the head onto this piece in lower right hand corner area.
Using the long tail you left on one of the crust pieces, sew together both crusts. When you come across a place where a foot should be like this;

Place “flat” end of foot inside the poptart crust, and continue to sew through all three pieces. Same goes with the tail and the rainbow. Place end of rainbow into the poptart, I usually put in a couple inches.
Once you have completed sewing, you have a couple options.
Sprinkles; I use pink mini pompoms from a pack of 100. These can be found at most craft stores. Place wherever you desire with fabric glue
You can use fabric glue to secure the tail in place. I prefer this because otherwise, it has the potential to flop around and look silly. Sewing is also an option here.

And finally, you are done. Nyan away and enjoy your scarf.
I would love to see your completed scarf. Send me a picture!
If you have any questions regarding the pattern, feel free to email me at